Websters Dictionary's definition of invisible is; " incapable by nature of being seen ".

This product is white not invisible or clear as I expected and you cannot see that until you get home and remove the white insert covering the deodorant antiperspirant.

The INVISIBLE antiperspirant left white marks all over my new black shirt and when I called the Right Guard company the phone rep was really lame; telling me "it only means it goes on invisible". What does that mean? Something is either invisible (you cannot see it) or visible (you can see it). She said the Right Guard clear gel is invisible

I requested they send me a replacement gel for my inconvenience and the fact I had to have the shirt dry cleaned but she would only offer discount coupons. This product is fraudulently mislabeled to consumers and should be pulled by RG if they are truthful and ethical to be relabeled a WHITE SOLID. How do they get away with this?

Product or Service Mentioned: Right Guard Deodorant.

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